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Saturday, September 28, 2013

The Opposite of Love - Novel Synopsis


The Opposite of Love
—T.A. Pace

For a woman who is exploring her sexual boundaries for the first time, there is a fine line between adventurous and dangerous, especially in Las Vegas.

Melanie Leon is a 39-year-old woman who has never been married and has no children. A Las Vegas resident since the age of six, her career in real estate has dominated her adult life, and her friends and family—particularly her mother—are adamant that she start getting serious about finding a mate. Facing it as a challenge and approaching the endeavor willing to work, she meets James Perolo, a 42-year-old Metro police officer.

James was born and raised in Las Vegas until the age of twelve when his alcoholic, drug-addicted prostitute mother sent him to California to live with his grandmother. He grew up under her care to become a police officer in Los Angeles, transferring back to Las Vegas when he was twenty-two. During his subsequent twenty-year career, he has gone from idealistic kid who wants to fix the Las Vegas that destroyed his parents, to motivated pragmatist who wants to limit the effects debauchery and poverty have on his community, to defeated realist who simply wants to make sergeant, get a desk job, and avoid the dregs of Vegas society.

James finds in Melanie a proud, classy, independent woman—a different breed from the type of woman he usually dates. However, he finds himself tugging her in directions that she’s never gone before to prove that she is willing to sacrifice her comfort for him in a way his mother was not.

Melanie finds in James a handsome blue-collar man with virtuous beliefs and boundless sexual energy. She has stepped outside her norm to date him, and he pushes her boundaries sexually, challenging her to try things she’s never done before—some with very positive results, some not as much. From spanking, to exhibitionism, to sex clubs and more, Melanie is taken on a journey that both scares her and turns her on immensely, once she can get past not knowing what’s around the corner. This is especially hard for her, as she has been clinging desperately to her sense of control since her father died in a terrible accident when she was nine.

Melanie and James come to a roadblock in their relationship—James because he has not told her the truth about his mother, and Melanie because she is still holding onto the horror of her father’s death, something she has never talked about with anyone.

An homage to Erica Jong’s “Any Woman’s Blues,” “The Opposite of Love” is a psychological/sexual ride through Las Vegas and its local sex scene as experienced by two lovers who will challenge each other’s ability to accept them, as well as their own ability to accept themselves.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Sexy Vegas News

Welcome back sexy people! I hope your summer has been full of warm weather and scantily “cladness.” You can expect my blogs more frequently now that I’ve come in from the pool.  =(

This week I’d like to get you caught up on some of the sexiness that has been taking place in the City of Sin lately, as well as some upcoming fun.

The AFAN (Aid for AIDS of Nevada) organization put on its 27th annual Black & White ball on August 24th inside the Joint at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino.  Hosted by channel 8 news anchor Chris Saldana, the Black and White ball is AFAN’s biggest fundraiser of the year. The party drew thousands of revelers bedecked in black and white (some less than others). It also featured food and drinks from some of the best restaurants in Vegas, as well as local performers such as Recycled Percussion, Veronic DiCiare, and Britney Spears impersonator Derrick Barry of Divas Las Vegas.

The Erotic Heratige Museum has announced its Fifth Anniversary Party to be held on Saturday, September 28th from 8 p.m. to 1 a.m. There will be a cash bar, a raffle and live entertainment from The Queens of Las Vegas, the Fuego Fusion belly dancers, Sin City Roller Derby Girls, body painter Rob Hester AKA Gargoyle, music by DJs Chill Achilles and Sonic Healer Sphinx, and more… all for only a $5 donation! The museum exists to “serve and empower your rights as sexually positive human beings.”
Dress to “express” and support a good cause.

The Erotic Heritage Museum also has some upcoming events that may be of interest to my local freaky friends who want to improve their partnering skills.  Reverse Tensionz is a Vegas-based BDSM group with an emphasis on erotic rope bondage. They will be holding their Rope Social on the second Sunday of every month at the museum for a suggested donation of $10.

On Friday, September 20, Anna Fay of The Studio Fetish Boutique will be hosting a free “Ask Anything” lecture from 7 to 8 p.m. (Don’t be shy, you know you wanna ask her something.)

The Sin City Gallery, home of some of the most gorgeously titillating art in the Valley, is having a call for art for its 3rd annual international “12 Inches of Sin” art contest. The winner will receive a six-week solo exhibition at the Sin City Gallery. You have until September 30 to submit your piece, and guidelines are available at www.sincitygallery.com.

That’s all for now my beautiful people. Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have a sexy story or a local person or business you’d like to see profiled. ‘Til next time…

Stay Sexy!


Sunday, June 16, 2013

The Accidental Pornographer

Oceana by Jeff Wack

If you have any opinion at all on the subject of sex and/or censorship, you will probably find the following article interesting.  It involves the publishing of a book of erotic art through Amazon's print-on-demand service, CreateSpace. Please feel free to comment.


Stay Sexy!

T. A.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Love Optional

Far to the north of the clanging slot machines, the zip-lining mid-westerners, and the nostalgic piss smell of Freemont Street, there lies a boutique with precisely spaced aisles, walls painted in fresh pastels, all of it painstakingly lighted like a Tiffany & Co. But they are not selling high-end jewelry here. They’re selling toys.

The Love Store is an adult toy store located on the north side of Las Vegas (you may have seen the billboards lining the freeways near the Spaghetti Bowl). As opposed to The Adult Superstore Strip-side—where the atmosphere is such that one immediately regrets wearing open-toe shoes—The Love Store is a clean, fresh environment for perusing pleasure purchases.

Involved since it opened in 1999 as Red Chrome, owner Edward Wheeler ensures the shoppers of Las Vegas get what they need in terms of erotic toys, sexy clothing, fetish materials, and videos. More helpful toward retail clients than nosy journalists, Wheeler says that customer service is what sets the store apart. “We are all about customer service and educating people about all the wonderful products that we carry,” he says. “We want everyone to have an enjoyable experience when they visit us.”

In the vein of education, my research assistant and I were aided by Niki Lynn, a shift lead who has worked at the The Love Store since October, 2012. Niki Lynn showed us how to test vibrators on the tips of our noses, as this simulates the sensitivity of the nether regions. Almost all of the vibrators the store carries feature testers displayed as prominently and neatly as cellphones at a Best Buy. 

Niki Lynn says that when it comes to helping customers find products that they’ll love, she listens to what the customer is looking for and offers them a few choices based on that information. “There certainly are a few toys we sell that are my favorite,” she says, “but everyone's body is different.”

The Love Store also features a video arcade with single and “buddy-style” viewing booths. However, you may want to ask the staff for instructions, as my research assistant and I found the controls to be less than user-friendly.

The Love Store is located at 4440 East Cheyenne Ave., Las Vegas, NV. 
Tell them T.A. sent you! 
Please e-mail me with your story ideas at SexyVegasTA@aol.com.
Stay Sexy!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Erotic Heritage Museum

This Deep Throat movie poster is just
 one of thousands of the museum’s
original pieces of memorabilia.
If there is an ideal city in which to house a museum created to honor and preserve the history of sex, Las Vegas is it.  The Erotic Heritage Museum is a 17,000-square-foot treasure, housing thousands of pieces of memorabilia, artifacts, video exhibits and erotic art. Created in 2008 by a preacher and a pornographer, it is a sexual feast ranging from the mildly titillating to the downright wicked.

The museum’s new director of operations, Nick Karras, has a doctorate degree in Sexology from the Institute for the Advanced Study of Human Sexuality in San Francisco, CA.  Karras is also an erotic artist with an

Although more than a decade
 after the fact, a poster from 1975
illustrates how political affairs often
spilled over into the world of porn.
exhibit in the museum calle
d the Petals Project. Petals is a 48-panel collection of sepia-tone photographs of the female vulva, and the museum’s exhibit showcases 24 of the panels in its upstairs gallery.
Celebrating sexual diversity and individuality, there is a thread of pride in and protection of the first amendment that runs through the fabric of the two stories of exhibits.  Reproductions of art destroyed by Nazis is showcased, and there is an extensive exhibit dedicated to the contributions of Larry Flynt. 
In the upstairs gallery, a circular room features TVs along the walls showing such classics as Deep Throat, as well as silent porn from as far back as 1915, prompting the realization that as long as there has been film, there has been porn.

The Erotic Heritage Museum hosts workshops and lectures as well, and upcoming topics include mutual masturbation and an orientation to BDSM. The museum is located on Industrial Road, at home among the strip clubs and adult toy shops, but standing as a beacon of protection and reverence for such things as well.  
                                                    Visit the museum here.   

Recreated art from the Herschfeld
Institute in Berlin, Germany, which was
burned to the ground by Nazis in 1933.

A plaster cast shows the details of
Chasey Lain’s girl parts. (The hand,
 however, appears not to be hers.)

One of the museum’s more whimsical pieces,
this prom dress is made entirely of condoms.


Images from a Persian book of hand-drawn figures.


Numerous sculptures pay homage to the most interesting male appendage.

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Stay Sexy!

— T. A.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The Green Door

This week, we're diving back into the world of fiction.  The following is an excerpt from my forthcoming novel. 

Melanie and James have been dating for a few months, and he has been challenging her to push the boundaries of her comfort zone.  They have been to the Green Door (a Las Vegas swingers/sex club) once before, but they only watched other couples play. The following is their second trip. 

                                              *          *          *

Before they got out of the car, she took a deep pull on James’ whiskey flask and cringed.
“Ok, let’s do this,” she said. She smiled at James, trying to convey a confident sexiness she did not yet possess, but she was hopeful.

She stood to the side and pretended to check her phone for messages while James paid the cashier.

“You ready?” he asked, opening the door.

She winked at him, then passed through the door and headed up the stairs. She wore a sun dress that came to her mid thigh, and she could feel his eyes on her backside.

When they got to the main room, a couple was already on display. The man was about Melanie’s age, with a thin build and very little body hair, but the woman looked to be in her twenties. The two were side by side on the bed, making out and warming each other up; he kissed her breasts while she stroked his penis, which was already erect.

The woman sat up on the bed and straddled the man, grabbing his erection and easing herself down on it. Her dark hair was beautiful against her pale skin, and her full breasts would’ve looked fake if they were any higher.

As she eased her weight onto him, there was a hush in the room. Melanie looked around at the figures standing in the shadows and snuggled into the couches lining the walls. There were probably thirty people watching, and there was a reverence to the scene. As the woman raised and lowered herself on the man’s erection, her audience was motionless, silent, afraid to break the spell. The woman’s pleasure was contagious, and when she tilted her head back, arching and grinding as she quickened her rhythm, Melanie could feel her own walls tighten deliciously.

When the woman slowed and bent to rest against the man’s chest, he wrapped his arms around her and rolled her onto her back.

Round two, Melanie thought.

“I want you.” James whispered. She closed her eyes and hummed her assent.

“I forgot the condoms,” he whispered, so as not to disturb the couples watching the show. “Will you be ok here? I’ll be right back. They sell them downstairs.”

She watched as the man inserted himself and the woman wrapped her legs around his thighs.

“I’ll be fine,” she said.

James squeezed her behind and left her with a smile on her face. The sexiness was creeping in, and with any luck, the confidence would follow.


Melanie could see a dim band of light at the bottom of the blindfold, but that was all. She could feel the wall against her cheek and her palms. James was behind her with his hands on her hips whispering into her ear.

“Can you see?”


“How do you feel?” he asked.

“A little scared. A little turned on too.”

“That’s my girl.”

He sucked on her ear, her neck. Then he turned her toward him and pulled the straps of her dress down, kissed her shoulders, her cleavage. He tugged the dress down to the floor and she held his shoulders as she stepped out of it. She felt the leather of his gloves on her back and held her breath as he undid her bra and slid it off. She pulled him toward her to cover herself. He kissed her for a moment, then pulled away again. He hooked his thumbs into the sides of her panties, and those came off too.

She could hear people, but she couldn’t see anything. She heard the shuffling of feet, whispering, but no one was speaking loud enough for her to discern the words. There was an aura of reverence, like what she’d seen in the main room. And now all eyes were on her.

She was naked. And blind. And wet.

He turned her around and ran his gloved hands up and down her back, over her backside, between her legs. He removed his hand and she heard him moan with approval.

“You’re enjoying this, aren’t you?”

“Yes,” she admitted.

“Are you ready?”


He parted the strings of beads that surrounded the bed and bent her over so that her hands were on the bed and her feet on the floor. He pressed his chest against her back, kissed her cheek and neck, slid his gloved hands over her nipples. His crotch was pressed against her backside and she could tell he was ready too.

“I want you to really enjoy this,” he whispered into her ear. “I want you to pay attention to your senses, to the sensations. Once I’m inside you, I’m not going to say a word. I recommend you don’t either. Can you do that?”

“I’ll try.”

“Good girl.”

“I want you inside me. Now.”

He swatted her butt and she moaned, wiggling her behind. “Be patient,” he said.

And then the gloves were gone. His erection pressing through his slacks against her rear end was gone. His breath on her neck was gone. And she felt even more naked than she was, as if he had peeled away her skin. Anyone on any side of her had an unobstructed view. Each eye on her was a needle she couldn’t see, pricking her skin and making her shiver. She couldn’t guess how many there were, but it felt like thousands. As though she was in the center of the Roman Coliseum itself, a hushed crowd looking on in anticipation. She was the center of lustful attention. And she liked it.
                                                   *          *          *
James left Melanie watching the couple in the main room and went back downstairs to where the club sold novelties. There was a guy at the counter buying condoms, and as James walked through the store, another guy came in, grabbed some condoms and went to the register. James assumed a friendly tone, clasped his hands behind his back and approached them.
“Hey, either of you guys wanna get laid?”
They both eyed him warily. The one at the counter paying said, “I don’t swing that way, man,” and turned away.
“No, not me,” said James with a polite laugh. “My girlfriend. She’s upstairs. She’s horny and she’s hot.”
“So why don’t you do her?” the one at the counter asked. He was about two inches shorter than James and his skepticism was going to be a roadblock James didn’t have time for. But he could use it.
He turned to the taller of the two men, who happened to be about James’ own height. “It’s her fantasy to be fucked by a stranger and never see his face. Interested?”
The shorter guy spoke first, “I’m in.”
“No offense, but mind if I ask what you’re packing? She likes a certain size.”
“Seven,” he said.
James turned to the taller of the two, who still hadn’t spoken a word.
“Eight,” he said.
James shrugged at the first guy. “Sorry, man. Eight is what she likes.”
The shorter man took his condoms and profaned his way back upstairs.
James floated around the store, picking up what he needed. He went back to the guy he’d chosen and said, “All you have to do is wear a condom and gloves and not say a word. Can you do that?”
“No problem.”
“Can you fuck and come without making any sound?”
“I lived in the dorms in college.”
James nodded. “Good enough.”
He took the condoms from the guy and paid for them along with the rest of his paraphernalia. He knew if he didn’t pull this off there would be hell to pay, the depths of which he hadn’t had the time or inclination to consider fully. He hadn’t thought about what she might do, and it occurred to him that this poor bastard he’d chosen could get hurt if she freaked out on him. Then again, even if this guy knew the risk, James imagined he’d be willing to take that chance. And if it went off without a hitch—if she never suspected that it wasn’t James having sex with her—this, he knew, would be immensely gratifying.
                                                   *          *          *
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